Below you will find the Official Ambassadors of Mt. Pleasant SC



Jack Tankersley- Bassist and Managing Partner

Beverly Tankersley - Vocalist/Aux. Percussionst

Mike Shuler- Guitarist and Partner

Jon Thornton - Vocalist, Trumpet and Fluegel Horn

Jerry Polk- Vocalist and Drummer

Mark Stallings- Vocalist and Keyboardist

James Moore- Guitarist and Vocalist

Jason Moore- Vocalist/Saxophonist/Keyboardist

Josh Alston- Sound Engineer

David Henson- Back-Up Sound Engineer, Grammy Award Winner

Jim Hall- Logistics Director

Charles McElvey- Truck Driver/Logistics/Spotlight

Greg Smith Logistics and drum specialist

Bear and Nani Knox- Logistics

Jason Ridge- Logistics and guitar specialist

R. Mark Black- Vocalist/Saxophonist/ Music Director

Marc Marshall- Saxophone ( Our go-to sax guy when we need him, former member)

Greg Alewine- Bassist  Greg is our newest sub-player and will take care of bass duties when Jack isn't available.

Rossi Craft & Tim Lumas - Our go-to Engineers (when Josh and David aren't available due to national/international tour schedules)

Joel Reese-  Former member and sub for Jon when he is absent.


Gerald Polk- Heavenly Trombone, Keys and Vocals

David Fuller- Heavenly Voice and Keyboards